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Monday, February 18, 2013

Pneumonia - diet and precautions

    • Dear sir,
      can you suggest best diet precautions for pneumonia (2-3 year children)
  • 50 minutes ago
    Srinivas Singireddi
    • Three years baby suffered with pneumonia and formed infection in right lung.We used calibride(anti bacterial) and kept nobilizations two times a day.She is not at all intersted to take food and also she is very less weight.can you suggest best treatment and food?
    • what did doctors suggested?
      and I've stopped concentrating here and i am not manthena satyanarayana raju sir
      in this type of critical cases better take a doctor's suggestion...........
    • 1. provide more water
      2. give more lemon juice
      3. check that child's motion is regular and loose 2 or 3 time a day with 4. fresh motion....
      5. feed less the baby during night's better provide lemon and water.....
      6. completely avoid sweets made of sugar and chocolates especially..
      provide healthy natural food.
      7. feed the baby fresh fruits with peals (cleaned) and pulp and grind if needed.
      8. Let the baby play........

      all the best
  • Tuesday, December 20, 2011

    Genital Herpes (sarpi) solving tips and care

    Anonymous said...

    namaste raju garu,

    I am suffering from Genital Herpes(sarpi) Problem from past 6 months. This is caused by HERPES SIMPLEX VIRUS(HSV TYPE-2). In so many blogs i have seen that it spreads by doing sex. but i got this without doing sex and as a lady i am afraid to go and consult a doctor. Please provide a permanent solution to this. like me so many were suffering and they were in disappointment as there is no permanent medicine for this disease. How could i marry and give a birth to baby when i am having this Genital herpes problem. this is very painful and re-occuring problem. please help me its very urgent.

    I am not Manthena Satyanarayana Raju Sir and consult him for more better answer.

    Consult lady doctor for your problem without shy for better assistance and don't depress if doctors says that no cure.
    I don't believe in such words except in case of diseases or defects which are by birth.. Even they can be recovered by meditation and  yoga.

    Skin diseases require more patience to be cured.But need not worry.

    As I know this problem is caused due to lac of neatness.

     I found similar cases where these regions evolve bad smell and cause itching on genital surroundings.

    * Clean the infected regions daily with water or warm water. So that the waste are cleaned.
    * Use new and cleaned dresses. Daily use washed cloths.
    * Use clean and change inner wear regularly.
    * Clean the inner regions cleanly and dry as there shouldn't be any moisture left. Moisture may cause infections and to grow them.
    * Clean before sleep.
    * Wear loose cloths as air flows freely.

    It can be spread easily so never touch them and place in other regions. If touched wash your hands cleanly.

    * Maintain separate towels and your dresses should be washed separately to avoid spreading.
    * Open infected regions to sun so that problem can be cured faster.
    * Never eat highly waste releasing food. Like junk, spicy or other foods which are preserved.
    * Eat more fiber food like raw and natural food which contain more living cells and more water naturally.
    - These foods also do-not release wastes and do not waste your immunity.
    * Drink more water.
    * Avoid salts and also oided food.
    * Exercise or practice so that you sweat more.
    * Give more rest at-least 12 hrs a day and more if you can. 
    - Remember: You should drink more water and should pass stool completely.
    * Then you should fast for 1 or 2 days a week or max if needed.

    * Eat less raw natural food for once or twice. But drink water more n umber of times periodically.

    Icreasing Immunity:
     Health Tips, diet - Manthena Satyanarayana Raju Naturopathy teachings

    .... Increasing immunity steps...

    Some others Suggestions:
    * Some people said that they use to clean and apply coconut oil and get cured.

    Just have a try to apply coconut oil but avoid if other new symptoms persist.

    All the Best......

    Wednesday, December 14, 2011

    Poly-cystic ovary syndrome - tips for solving hormone imbalance which is the cause.

    himasatish said...

    i have polysystic overydisease how to cure ?telll me in naturalway to cure?iam suffering from irregular periods
    Poly-cystic ovary syndrome:

     This is caused due to hormone imbalance.
    Females obtain male character-sticks like mustaches, unwanted hair, irregular periods etc.
    Solution is to be balance hormones.

    As I can solve or try to solve is to live naturally to avoid hormone imbalance and to be healthy.
    Many of women with similar case are over-weight and they are highly edict-ed to fast foods.

    These may be the causes as I assume:

    * Eating Fast foods, Chocolates, Ice Creams, cool drinks, Non-veg items and fried foods and etc in more quantities  or also may be in less quantities but these foods and drinks cause heavy hormone imbalance which may lead to Polycystic syndrome.
    - So avoid those items completely.
    * and also eat more natural food like fruits and vegetables. Eat 80% of raw food at-lest. Other 20% may contain boiled food.
    * Drink more fresh fruit juices.
    * Eat sprouts and more living foods which is healthy.
    * Eat more fiber food. (Leafy-vegetables, fruits and etc.) All vegetarian food contain fiber and all non-vegetarian foods contain zero '0' fiber and harmful dead toxic wastes which may be harmful.

    * Less consumption of water and skipping urine or stopping urine: This is the main mistake seen in more women causing many problems.
    - So drink more water periodically and consume 4-5 liters water per day and pass clear and white urine max.

    * Skipping stool causes heavy health problems. 
    - Go to motion or stool regularly twice by drinking 2 liters of water twice in the morning. Complete this process in 1 1/2 hour for better result. Walk for few minutes by concentrating on stomach for stool after drinking water full of stomach. Don't worry if you feel to vomit or if you vomit. Its common and free and complete motion twice in the morning is very important.

    * Irregular timings of sleeping and not to give proper rest to body.
    - Sleep well for at-least 8 hours a day giving complete rest. I mean to sleep without food in stomach and the food should be digested before sleep.
    * Passing motion before sleep is very good habit and very useful.
    *  may drink water before sleeping if necessary.
    * Eat 3-4 hours before you sleep. So the food is digested and the energy though the food will be used.

    * Daily practice Pranayama early in the morning  and Yoga or any exercises though which you excrete sweat. The main purpose I am referring for yoga so that sweat is released and more impurities and wastes can be drained out quickly.
    Drink water and practice exercises so that sweat is released.

    Remember that correction of all inputs and outputs to/from make your hormones balanced.

    During rest body cleans it-self, repairs it-self. During repairing hormones are also balanced.
    So rest is very important.

    If  want to enjoy other foods try to avoid  slowly and in rare cases once or twice in a month. But in any case remember that raw food you eat should be at-least 80% overall.
    That is by eating raw food followed by fast food in rare cases. Better to avoid completely.

    Avoid at-least for some days for a 1-2 months and definitely you will see improvement.

    All The best.

    Monday, December 12, 2011

    Natural Tips for - Liver cirrhosis with hepatitis b

    KRP said...
    My father has liver ciroshis with hepetatis b .. is there any treatment available
    Pet Lover & Health carer said...
    Consult doctor and take his suggestions  like in this severe conditions.
    They may refer you for liver transplantation and go for it but try to improve your condition at your max effort.
    Our liver can regenerate again. But it may be harder in hepatitis b patients but we never give up and try our level best for better health.

    This Hepatitis-b virus attacks liver.

    First we should decrease the stress on liver and also kill the virus.

    * Take light food without salt sugar etc.
    * Better take only raw food like fruits and very better if fruit juices are taken.
    * Drink more water which is boiled and purified well.
    * Be in healthy places and be away from polluted areas.
    * Never eat more than you require. Eat or drink limited as you require.
    * Never digested food like fast food, baked, fried and etc foods.
    * If taken raw food like fruits or vegetables they should be cleaned neatly 2-3 times before taking them and fruit juices are more useful.
    * Take neat vegetable juices slowly and in less quantities.

    Now you have to improve Resistance or immune power for hepatitis-b and also for cirrhosis.:

    * Practice Pranayama and meditation for more time.
    * Take more rest by sleeping  or meditating for more time with empty stomach with out food and water can be taken in sufficiently.
    * Fast more.
    * Eat food like sprouts in morning or noon.
    * More rest given more immune power will be increased.
    * Go  for motion regularly twice in the morning and also before  sleeping is well good.

    Follow the links for increasing immunity and consider above mentioned points and for your case.

    All the Best 

    Prudhvi - Follower of manthena satyanarayana raju gaaru

    Friday, December 9, 2011

    For better pregnancy.

    Anonymous said...
    Hi Sir,
    In the third month of pregnance i got abortion
    due to not development of baby.So, I am worried for the next time waht should I need to do ?
    What precautions i need to follow.Please tell me.
    Consult doctor for exact reason so that i can suggest you exactly.

    I think this problem is due to nutrient problems.
    Most of the ladies I've seen got abortion for first time and got nice healthy baby 2nd time........
    so need not worry and eat rich nutrient food for you and your baby.

    After pregnancy requirements of the body increases and here is a growing baby so requirement almost doubled.

    Now the food need-not contain much energetic food like white rice which increases your weight and that's also unhealthy.
    Your food must contain more calcium and iron in more quantities including other requirements.

    So you must take seasome seeds (nuvvulu) for calcium and dates (karjuram) for iron.
    soak dates in water for some time about half an hour and paste the dates now mix the dates paste with seasome seeds paste or dry seasome seed and grind it which gives powder and mix dates and seasome seed paste and powder and make it into a ball and consume those sesasome balls everyday morning or in the noon.

    Slowly increase the consumption upto 3 to 4 balls per day slowly and also drink sufficient water. Water consumption should be more including rest period.

    * Protein food like nuts (pappulu) and pulses should be take in more quantities.
    * Eat sprouts daily. 
    * Leafy-vegetables should be taken more.
    * Betel leaves (tamala paaku) also provides rich calcium. I dint mean to eat killi and other but to clean those leaves and consume in convenient way with food or other way.
    * Drink water periodically.
    * Walk daily as you sweat.
    * Also meditate.

    Consult doctor for exact reason so that i can suggest you exactly.
    All The Best...

    Saturday, November 26, 2011

    having severe side effects of body pains and gastric due to chemotherapy for Hodgkin lymphoma

    Click Here for gastric problem solutions.....

    All the Best....

    Cause of problems mostly... pulmonary fibrosis and etc.,

    Anonymous said...
    Is there any cure for pulmonary fibrosis
    Cause of problems mostly...  pulmonary fibrosis  and etc.,:

    This is a severe lung infection and severe infections are developed due to the suppression of small infections by using medicine and not cleaning the infection causing waste and trying to suppress the problem.

    In this process the infection to the waste in you was killed by the medicines but not the waste and hence the problem is repeated again and again.
    If you continue so then the waste in you will be increased and the problem converts to a severe stage.

    So hence clean the waste or the source of the problem and the infection ie., problem vanishes automatically.


    I can't answer you exactly because i am not manthena satyanaryanarayana raju sir.

    Please contact manthena sir for exact information.
    I din't studied those patients to provide you exact information.

    I can't say that there is no solution for a health problem which is effected after birth.
    I believe that we can solve our health problems by increasing our immune power as manthena satyanarayana raju sir told.

    But I can refer you to a link to improve your immunity. Please read the information in that link carefully.

    Fever, cold, throat infection ??? Don't worry here is solution... Check them out in a couple of days.... Increasing immunity steps...

    I have provided maximum information there.... You can go through it... all the best....