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Monday, February 1, 2010

Health Tips, diet - Manthena Satyanarayana Raju Naturopathy teachings

DietFOR GOOD HEALTH ur diet:
Dr.Manthena Satyanarayana Raju GARU's follower

Early morning at 5:
Drink 2 liters of water in two hours up to 7am. ( drink 1 1/2 liter at once after 1 hour gap another 1 1/2 or your wish as per your convince but before 7). 
* Pass stool twice in the morning.
This will clean your body and intestine. Help to be more resistant.
Morning Tiffin:
Sprouts, carrots, tomato’s and all other vegetables & even leafy vegetables in more quantity note: No salt, sugar, oil or cooking everything raw.
These vegetables will provide you much fiber and vitamins which are required for you.

* Morning and afternoon can  be hard food as per requirement.

groundnuts, soya beans, Cashew nuts & etc note: No salt, sugar, oil or cooking everything raw.
These are high protein food with more energy.

Dinner before 6pm:
All kinds of fruits best to eat 5 bananas if no other fruit available. Note: No salt, sugar, oil or cooking everything raw.
So that fruits will provide less energy. As night wont require much energy. Also they are rich fiber foods.

note: u should not eat or drink any thing in between except water.
Don’t drink water after eating, drink before eating & minimum 1/2 an hour gap to eat after drinking water & 3 hours gap to drink water after eating.
The food you eat will be digested in 3 hours maximum as they are fruits. So from then body starts to clean itself and to repair if any wounds or any type of imbalances found.
*  This happens in rest period.
* In nights you can completely provide rest to body (digestive system, eyes, brain, etc.,). In this time heart also takes rest by decreasing its beats to 65 per/min.

*** This increases our body resistance very highly and makes you healthy.
Be Healthy and Happy always.

* Proper and equal inputs and outputs = Health.

Increasing Immunity

  Immune System contains the design copy of our body. Immune Power helps to see that our body is perfect and corredts automatically if any problems.

* Giving rest to body is the best way in increasing immune power. Because in rest period, our concentration is completely our body. This is performed well in meditation.
   In this time body throws out the impurities from our body through excreting organs, there by cleaning our body.
   Also Repairs if any damages or any inefficient organs in our body. 
These impurities should be drained completely for good immunity.
So we should
  • cleaning though urine: drink more  water and also give rest.
  • cleaning though Stool: Eat more fiber food and  pass stool regularly and periodically. Healthy stool can be stored for much time.
  • cleaning though sweat: For this we should drink more water and also do lite exercises to produce heat and to activate body parts. So that any impurities will be drained through skin or by urine.  Shortest path is preferred.

No infections in clean area.

*  Adding bit energy to our body's  internal energy or immune power, by taking 'C' Vitamin.

Suggest  everyone in your house & all of your friends, family members also as u r their well wishers & also try to make whole world heathy.
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~~~PRUDHVI~~~  - by Manthena Satyanarayana Raju Sir's Follower PetLover


  1. how to reduce weight in thighs and back part


  2. once check here first and read below.

    * you have to eat less than you require.
    * stop eating after 6pm.
    * Drink more water because excess cholesterol in your thighs should be drained out through
    * urine by drinking more water
    * sweat by drinking water and straining your legs and where you want to decrease cholesterol.
    * and stool by eating rich fiber food. Like leafy-vegetables fruits and at-least 7 carrots per day. Passing stool by drinking more water morning 2 times and evening 2 times.
    * avoid white rice and eat sprouts n fruits and vegetables.
    * eat more natural food and uncooked food.
    * exercise more and strain the organs where to decrease. By doing yoga or some exercises and walking is very good for health. Walk morning and evening.
    * sleep on floor, lift you legs upto 30cm from ground and hold as much time as you can. close your eyes and concentrate on strained parts. Strain more and similarly for back .

    Feed back by commenting here or on your question here

    All the best.....!!!

  3. Kindly clarify food value of un-polished rice and ATUKULU (CHUDUVA) is same or different. If there is difference in what way?

  4. we can make atukulu with both polished and unpolished rice...

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  6. please suggest ways to control anxiety and depression. my id is bhaskara.harsha@gmail.com

  7. Please suggest any idea that hepls to cure an indigestion.My id is sai.chavali8@gmail.com


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