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Monday, February 1, 2010

About Dr.MANTHENA SATYANARAYANA RAJU and his teachings


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As we know that Dr. Manthena Satyanarayana Raju was famous for his simple, traditional, natural solutions for perfect health, happy life in this modern world. Healthy and wonderful Natural life style is being advocated and propagated these days by him. He insists us to strike at root cause of evil everywhere. Here is the list of his Health Books :
Dish with no diseases (telugu)
Aarogyame Anandham (telugu)
Upavasa dharmam (telugu)
Aasanalu-Arogyaniki shasanalu (telugu)
Neeru - meeru (telugu)
Food and thought (English)
Health is Happiness (English)
A Proven Cure for Diabetics through Natural life style (English)
Natural Life style (English) and many more...they all help us cure our ailments by ourselves without spending a penny for drugs, medicines, and without consulting a doctor, who empties our wallet..
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Dr. Manthena Satyanarayana Raju Charitable Trust, Opp: Umesh Chandra Statue
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  1. I am a diabetic,epilepsy and endrometrosis patient.Now I am Pregnant.What kind of diet and care i should take for having healthy baby

  2. k
    try to take natural raw healthy food
    more fiber contained foods like carrots etc

    give at-least 12 hours complete rest to your body including your digestive system

    take easy digested food while you sleep.
    take more water (4-5 liters/day)

    if any problems tell me...!

  3. i have breathing problem ..........please tell me what to do....

  4. I am suffering with Thyroid problem my age is 26 now and i gained a lot of weight nearly 45++ kgs in 4 years time now i weight 115 previously it was 75 in 2005 so what shud be the diet i shud follow and Wat is the way to loose my weight i am from Vijayawada please also suggest me if there is any clinic in my city ......

    Thanks N Regards

  5. @navi u should practice yoga so that your breathing process will become easy
    You should not sleep after you eat because more air is required for digestion which will increase your problem
    * eat less and early 2-3 hrs before you sleep
    * avoid sweets
    * exercise more or do practice yoga

  6. @srekanth or srinivas

    You have thyroid Problem
    * So first you have to increase your resistance power, so you have to eat more food which contains c vitamin and proteins
    and your weigh should also be decreased so you should eat less energy giving foods and you have to drink more water and you have to exercise like walking simultaneously

    ** Ur diet should be
    * after you wake-up drink more water and go pass your stool
    * Now exercise nearly an hour or walking (mouth should be closed and breath only using your nose)
    * drink more lemon water (7 lemons a day)
    * eat protein food like nuts or soaked seeds
    * avoid rice salt oil sugar completely
    ** eat before 6pm evening
    * exercise before you sleep and take lemon water

    * these are the minimum points you have to follow and say me if any further troubles

    B healthy N happy always

  7. iam 25yrs old im suffering frm pimmples since frm 5yrs iam seeing ur programs since 2yrs iam doing watertheraphy but there is no result on my face so kindly say a good tip for my face

  8. iam suffering very small pimmples or sujest me any one of ur website so i can view it

  9. I'am not manthena satyanarayana raju gaaru
    I am just his viewer and follower

    and u r suffering from pimples

    * So first you should be clean by drinking water and cleaning your body by passing stool twice a day at-least and remember to completely clean our body before you sleep

    * The food you take is very important better to avoid oil foods and fried foods or at-least you decrease eating them and take water periodically
    ** Not to drink water after eating is right and to drink water before half-an-hour you eat only for raw foods.
    But if you eat cooked or spicy foods which requires more water for digestion You should drink water immediately after eating also if required. Because while cooking the water in the food is evaporated and will be decreased and coming to spicy foods and fried foods water will be completely vanished.

    * You should also eat more fiber contained foods more after you eat any food
    like eating carrots, boiled or raw leafy vegetables in more quantities as mu as you can eat or you cat with your likely food.

    * Exercise more as your face gets sweat and it get cleaned internally by drinking more water.

    Giving rest to body for at-lest 8 hrs is necessary and drink water if necessary

    Don't worry Your hormones will be adjusted soon and eating fiber food washing your face with fresh water is very important You can be Free of Your Problem
    Better to meditate !

    All the best !

  10. Hi Sir. am Prashanth
    age:16 coming white Hair. what to do.?
    please sir tell me.

  11. There are three main causes for this problem...

    *1 Hereditary
    *2 Vitamin deficiency
    *3 Tensions

    * First of all give proper rest to body by stop eating by 6'o clock in evening and sleep minimum 8 hours a day.
    * Take rich vitamin food.
    * Practice meditation which relives you from tensions and increases your resistance power.
    (Note: Meditation should be done with empty stomach so that you can concentrate more and your body will work more efficiently. More effective early morning and before sleeping.)

    All The best. :-)

  12. HI.. excellent site. Iam a diabetic and married a year back. no chldren Iam a diabetic from past 9 yrs.. my age is 26 nw.. pls tel me wat kind of food i can take and how to control both blood sugar and urine sugar.. as iam travelling abroad this month to usa. and let me know wen i can plan for a child.. iam taking english pills januvia 100mg, pioglit 100mg and glucoredforte 100mg, tonact. is thr wil be any result if i shift to ayurvedic?

  13. I think you are type 2 diabetic patient with over weight.
    To control diabetics:
    First inputs should be controlled by
    * Eating food which give less energy or sufficient energy only when required.
    * Eating for time-pass and for enjoyment should be avoided immediately.

    * Excess blood sugar should be drained out through urine by drinking more water periodically after eating also in resting time and by excreting blood impurities. Or else kidneys will be strained more and new problems may arise.
    * Weight should be decreased by drinking more water and by practicing yoga and meditation. Also give proper rest to body by stop eating after 6 pm and sleeping with empty stomach. Providing less energy to body than its requirement.
    To increase functionality and resistance:
    * Proper rest should be given to your body by sleeping with empty stomach and by stop eating by 6pm.
    These are three main points to be followed and sugar can be avoided.
    If blood sugar is increased then water is best immediate medicine which can treat you ever best. You can also drink more water instead of using januvia in most cases.

    ** Eat less energy giving food and more fiber foods to control blood sugar and simultaneously urine sugar.
    * BE COMPLETELY or maximum healthy before having a child.
    Medicine: Water is the best medicine for diabetics I know.

    All the best...
    Live healthy and be happy always.

  14. sir,
    i am having piles...
    plz tell me the sol for this....

  15. PILES: It is caused due to UN-excretion of stool regularly. Then stool gets tightened by decreasing water content in it in-order to consume space for new incoming stool. After that stage stool gets sticky tightened and infected causing PILES..
    This problem is most common in non-vegetarians with less fiber food, fast food lovers and the one who drinks less water and not pass stool regularly.,

    Solution:To excrete stool regularly the stool should be in more quantity and a healthy stool must be generated.
    * So the one should take rich fiber contained food like leafy-vegetables, carrots fruits etc.., with PULP. Which is the fiber in the food.
    * More water is needed to fresh-up the stool and to excrete waste.
    * Give rest to body minimum 8hours completely in sleep even stomach with enough water which enhances cleaning process and makes you healthy by cleaning the body and increasing immunity.

    Avoid Less fiber food or take rich fiber food simultaneously.

    * The polished food like white rice doesn't contain fiber and some vitamins which were removed by polishing. so try to avid or to take rich fiber food simultaneously
    * Non-vegetarian foods and fast foods contains Zero fiber with more toxic waste which is highly dangerous and increases the infection fast. So beware of them.

    More Fiber food with more water is best solution ever.

    Proper inputs and Proper outputs = Health....!!!

    All the Best...!!! Be happy and live healthy always....

  16. ok thank you sir for u r valuable advices.

    Any medicines related to this(piles)......

    Advice me

  17. no need of medicines for you if you identify the cause and start living naturally..
    for resistance take more citrus fruits ex:7 lemons per day with pure water
    Trust me
    all the best...

  18. I am pragathi,30yr and my weight 65kgs.I want to less my weight and stomach.please sugest diet to follow.I have avoided sugar,sweets,chocs,drinks.

  19. check these two posts first and if any further doubts persist then please comment ill answer you.



    All the best........!!!

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  21. sir,
    i am suma.
    i am 24 years of old.(married)
    my weight is 42 kgs only.....
    i want to increase my weight...... as we r planning for pregnancy.
    so please advice me to gain the weight.....

  22. Take rich protein food like nuts and pulses in more quantity. (cashew nuts and groundnuts etc..

    * Drink more water to remove any disorders in your hormone and also meditate and yoga. Thinking that you have to gain weight by closing your eyes and assume that you are gaining weight in which place you want to in your body.
    * Eat energetic and energy contained food before 3 hours you sleep and try to provide more energy than you require.....

    I will make you gain weight naturally which is best and healthy process.....

    All the best...!!!

    Thanks for your question.!Please comment for further doubts....

  23. http://manthenasatyanarayanaraju.blogspot.com/2011/06/increasing-weight-in-healthy-process.html

  24. sir,
    i am siri, 24 years old,married
    i am having back pain.....often
    plz tell me how to overcome this....

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  26. Please Follow this link to view your answer


    Sorry for inconvenience in order to decrease the comment length here...

  27. for the last one month, i am suffering with nose block, due to this i am not able to sleep properly. when i consulted the doctor he had given me "NASOCLEAR" and 4 tablets of histamin. it doen't work. can u please ........

  28. Follow this link for answer for your question.

    Completely Check there for answer.

  29. My thyroid tests showed abnormally low. I began desperately searching for natural alternatives and found Desiccated bovine supplements. I am ever glad I did. Within few days, my energy levels were back to normal and I felt great! Excellent product!

  30. Hi Sir,
    In the third month of pregnance i got abortion
    due to not development of baby.So, I am worried for the next time waht should I need to do ?
    What precautions i need to follow.Please tell me.

  31. @Anonymous said... - November 27, 2011 1:04 PM

    click here for better pregancy your answer.

  32. hi sir

    i am shailu. I have a disease called GENITAL HERPES (SARPI in Telugu). I don't know how i am attacked to this disease. but i am facing severe problem with this. i am getting blisters at my genital area and are very painful. i have searched so many websites. but no use, only one answer i am getting that is Boosting my Immune System. But i am searching for natural herbs that can kill this problem forever. please tell me the permanent solution for this.

    I am eagerly waiting for your reply sir.

    Thanks in advance.

  33. @Anonymous...
    Click Here for Genital Herpes(sarpi) solving tips and care.


  34. wonderful Raj, proud of your excellent answers....... good going...

  35. Hi,

    I would like to know about the genital herpes curing methods?


  36. Hi Sir,

    I got 2 miscarriages . Finally i found that i got diabetics. I started my life right now.. But i am scared..I saw your cooking all those things but i am not able to find complete information.. I am staying in US.i want to follow in ur way to cure myself.. Please help me the way to fight with these problem..

    Thank u


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