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Friday, December 9, 2011

For better pregnancy.

Anonymous said...
Hi Sir,
In the third month of pregnance i got abortion
due to not development of baby.So, I am worried for the next time waht should I need to do ?
What precautions i need to follow.Please tell me.
Consult doctor for exact reason so that i can suggest you exactly.

I think this problem is due to nutrient problems.
Most of the ladies I've seen got abortion for first time and got nice healthy baby 2nd time........
so need not worry and eat rich nutrient food for you and your baby.

After pregnancy requirements of the body increases and here is a growing baby so requirement almost doubled.

Now the food need-not contain much energetic food like white rice which increases your weight and that's also unhealthy.
Your food must contain more calcium and iron in more quantities including other requirements.

So you must take seasome seeds (nuvvulu) for calcium and dates (karjuram) for iron.
soak dates in water for some time about half an hour and paste the dates now mix the dates paste with seasome seeds paste or dry seasome seed and grind it which gives powder and mix dates and seasome seed paste and powder and make it into a ball and consume those sesasome balls everyday morning or in the noon.

Slowly increase the consumption upto 3 to 4 balls per day slowly and also drink sufficient water. Water consumption should be more including rest period.

* Protein food like nuts (pappulu) and pulses should be take in more quantities.
* Eat sprouts daily. 
* Leafy-vegetables should be taken more.
* Betel leaves (tamala paaku) also provides rich calcium. I dint mean to eat killi and other but to clean those leaves and consume in convenient way with food or other way.
* Drink water periodically.
* Walk daily as you sweat.
* Also meditate.

Consult doctor for exact reason so that i can suggest you exactly.
All The Best...

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