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  1. My husband sugar is not getting down even if taking tablet and insulin. even yoga is also started. help.

  2. Hum.....

    *** Drinking more water is the best solution......

    You should find the cause and then you can proceed accordingly....

    *1 First of all your husband should drink at-least 5 liters of water a day.
    * & When sugar increases then immediately he should drink at-least a liter water and above if required.
    Reason: If blood sugar increases then it should be mixed up by water and it should be excreted through urine to normalize the blood sugar...

    *2 Your husband should take natural food which is easily digested. And the food should not be giving more energy he requires.....
    Reason: the excess energy is in the form of sugar which is mixed in blood. To store the excess energy or to retrieve the energy INSULIN should mixed with blood-sugar and FAT is stored or retrieved.

  3. sir,5th year is running but i do not have pregnancy. To see iam very fat, but i want to pregnant.All the checkup's and tests are over the doctors are telling that you are fat thatswhy pregnancy is not coming. For you garbhasanchilo neeti gaddalu are there. And now what i must do, please give me your suggestion that i must join in your ashramam or any other solution.

  4. First thing is to clear you that I am not Dr.Manthenarayana raju sir. I am just a follower of sir.


    I think you drink very less water and as you were fat thats not good for you to have a child for you in this position.
    R: You will face a lot of trouble to carry the child and child will face lot of trouble to get sufficient food.

    * You decrease your weight as soon as possible. By drinking more water so that the water-balls in your ovary will also vanish.


    As you are saying the cause for your problem the solution which I provided for you will work definitely.
    But only thing is you should be able to drink more water and to increase your immunity.


    All the Best...!!!

  5. is breast cancer curable by nature cure method?

  6. Sree
    You should get a clear idea about this nature cure method.
    This is completely depends on your immunity power and no external medicines are given and we will try to improve one's immunity naturally without any artificial medicines.
    Here deficiencies are recovered by food naturally....
    any problem is to be cured yourself here but we just give you support to you and we will guide you......

    and for your problem
    Stage of cancer is to be checked and we will increase your immunity internally side of medicines, So it has more possibilities to be cured faster.... Its completely depended on your immunity and on your work....

  7. my grandfather is suffering from acidity problem from the past one year. he gets burps when his stomach is completely empty or even after he has finished his meals. he is 79 years old.

  8. Acidity problem or Gastric problem

    Means: If a person cannot pass gas freely and passing by causing sound then its considered as gastric problem.

    Cause: This is mainly caused due to motion problem. That is if any person dose'not pass stool completely then acidity problem or gastric problem occurs. Actually many other problems like joint pains and skin infections or allergies are also cause if we not pass stool completely and regularly.

    Reason: As a sound occurs when leaving gas released under digestion process or in other process it means that stool is blocked in intestine and its objecting gas to flow out and sound occurs. So go and pass stool immediately by drinking water.

    Solution: Early morning Drink more water fill stomach with water as much as you can and walk for a few minutes and pass stool twice and do same in evening. So that this problem will be solved easily and completely.

    Be clean and healthy.

    All the best....!!!

  9. visit here for detailed updates

  10. Hi, i have been diagnosed with IBS and acid reflux. i also have a flap in my esophagus that produces acid, this is a deformity and makes it more difficult to avoid high acidity as well as reflux symptoms and pain. I am researching Aryu Veda science and also trying a diet of alkaline foods but i dont know much about what to eat and when. Im looking for a organic vegetarian diet that could help me, or any other herbal steps to help reduce acidity and keep my body from inflammation that has been so, for the past years. Problem started at 11 years old, and i am now 18. if you have any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated.

  11. take bland diet like milk. Avoid activities like sleeping and lying down after meal. Take small meals more frequently rather than a single large meal. Avoid spicy foods like pickles and gravy, green-leafy vegetables are preferred. take curd after Ur meal. avoid pizzas,burgers and other junk foods. Homemade food is the best medicine. eat more fruits and carrots after meal. take more fiber foods. do not drink too much water after ur meal.avoid late meals

  12. Ibs and acid reflux solution:
    Cause: This is a simple problem caused due to hormone im-balance. Which is mainly caused due to our food and our habits.
    * Taking more fiber food in your meals. Like carrots and leafy vegetables.
    * Not by drinking more water after Eating.
    * Avoid eating spicy foods and oiled foods like samosa and other junk foods.

    I can suggest you more information if you provide your diet
    All the Best.....!!!

  13. hi..iam staying at USA, my husband is working as a software engineer. usually he spends his complete time(around 18 hours a day) with computer. so he is very much tired in the evening times and he is using contact lenses to his eyes. so how can i help to my huband? which type of food should i give to my hubend? how should i take care of my husbend eyes? plz help me with good suggestions.thanqu.

  14. very good all the best madam and your husband is lac of rest... Mainly to his eyes...

    In working days: He should sleep as much as possible with giving completely rest to his body while sleeping... i.e; His digestive system should also be empty while sleeping and its better to eat food which are more useful to his eyes and avoid time-pass spicy junk foods.
    * breakfast with sprouts like groundnuts and etc nuts making as sprouts and should be eaten because more healthy living food are these live foods with rich vitamins.
    * take leafy vegetables and carrots in more quantity (raw food which are cleaned purely or secondary is boiled food)
    * take more 'A' vitamin foods like carrots and leafy vegetables.
    * Drink more water. 4-5 liters per day
    * Practice eye exercises to see near objects and distant objects for about 3 mins minimum for half an hour at least. Relax and wash your eyes with cool water periodically and do some neck exercises.
    * Stop eating after six in evening and give rest to his body but let him drink water until he sleep periodically...
    * eat citrus fruits and food like oranges and at-least 6 lemons per day and honey for energy before sleep and during work after 6pm for energy and pass stool twice a day regularly morning and evening 2 times each session by drinking more water.
    * Avoid: salt completely or maximum as much as you can to increase resistance, non-veg, oil.

    in holidays: Ask your husband to sleep in weekends. I think saturday and sunday Your hus got two days which are to be utilized completely... sleep with complete rest is more important. Complete in sense externally and internally including digestive system and better to past once a week with lemon water and honey.

    *** do not eat after 6pm.

    All the best . . . !!!
    Be healthy and live happy always...

  15. my father is 68, started dialysis before 1.5 years..weekly twice he goes for that..and any diet of manthena will improve the functionality and avoid the dialysis...my father is a pure vegetarian and he can follow the things..but not water..these people should not have too much water...pls reply

  16. dialysis is used when kidney functionality is not good. Kidney work is to filter the blood and to remove the impurities in blood. Same like cleaning our house. So the waste (the excess materials or useless particles) in blood were thrown out from body by kidney through water by urine and by sweat through skin and by stool.
    These are the three main outputs by which waste is excreted.

    * The waste which is entering the body should be decreased. By
    * avoiding salt and oil completely
    * Eating un-cooked natural food and to be clean because your father takes less water.

    * Excretion of waste:
    * Drinking more water at-least in early morning and before going to sleep (4-5 liters per day) Try to drink water maximum which increases kidneys functionality properly.
    * Eating more fiber food like leafy vegetables and at-least 7 carrots per day. try to eat carrots after taking any food.
    this will help to free stool and increases the intestine resistance.
    * By doing lite exercises and yoga after eating food with empty stomach by drinking more water which causes sweat better to do in lite sun before 10am and after 4pm.

    Now the excretion process is done well and slowly kidney functionality is increased and his kidneys and dialysis can be avoided on doctor's advice.

    All The best and if any doubts please comment.
    on your post here http://manthenasatyanarayanaraju.blogspot.com/2011/06/avoiding-dialysis-solution.html

    Be healthy and live happy.

  17. I am 25 and planning to conceive. I know that I am on a little heavy side and realise that I have to loose some weight in order to have a healthy pregnency. Can I follow the diet you specified with water sprouts and uncooked food while I am trying to conceive??? please suggest any tips so that I can have a healthy pregnency..

  18. sure... and this is an old question.......
    So please follow the link and comment for further doubts.......


    Thank you Madam.......

    Be healthy and happy always...
    All da Best......!!!

  19. sir i am unable to take spourts and follow and vegetable jucie in the morning can i take the same in the night instead of food in the night
    any problem if we take sporouts in the night wihtout food at all
    pleae guide

  20. Sprouts are the actual natural foods. So what do you mean by food? I hope you are considering white rice as food.
    why cant you take sprouts and vegetable juices in morning?

    I told to take in morning because they are bit hard food and the advantage of the taken food can be used immediately..... So the food you take can be digested easily. Thats natural process which should be done and you will be healthy if you be balanced according to your body. Any body will be healthy naturally only. Otherwise body change according to you which may cause UN-healthy and chronic diseases...
    If you eat at night then the resting period (thats in night and in sleep) will be decreased and simultaneously immunity or resistance will also be decreased.
    Thats main problem in eating at nights...

    So give proper rest to body and good sleep with empty stomach should be 8hrs at-least compulsory..... Resting period increases will increase resistance.
    Sprouts are suggested because they provide maximum requirements of body. Soaked sprouts are rich in vitamins proteins and etc., so they are suggested..And take them in morning or evening because your digestion power will be good.

    Thees are the reasons to suggest you to be natural and further decision is yours...

    All the Best....!!!

  21. sir can we take sprouts in the evening along with fruits in the evening instead of morning
    iam unable to take in the morning.
    u told it contains a lot of proteins
    so in the evening the protein content will
    become more so iam asking u
    to guide me correctly by telling yes or no
    iam confused please guide me sir

  22. Yes you can take in evening before 6pm but
    To avoid the disadvantages you should
    * Exercise in the evening to use the proteins and energy released from food.
    * You have to drink water after 3 hours from the time you eat.
    * Sleep for at-least 8 hours with empty stomach and enough water.
    * You should eat less in noon to give rest to our digestion system and to digest in evening.

    Following these you can but its not advisable...!!!

    Better not to eat regularly in evening. Try alternative days.

    All the Best...!!!

  23. Hello i'm 21.My height is 169cm and weight 50Kg.
    Acc. BMI its underweight :( how can i increase my weight with proper fitness??

  24. Take protein and calcium food to increase muscles in you and to gain weight and Also to increase bone power calcium is needed..
    By taking this protein food practice yoga or go to gym but exercise more and strain your muscles which uses the proteins and calcium in food and you can increase weight.

    Food for calcium: Leafy vegetables and nuvuvlu and etc.,
    For Proteins: All types of nuts. Like cashew nuts, ground nuts etc nuts.

    All the best......

  25. Thank you very much....
    I'll try my best!!

  26. Hi,

    I have anxiety and stress problems. From past 1month i feel hungry a lot, eat food alot and upset my stomach. I have bloating and IBS. And i am tired most of the time. My body pains all the day. By end of day i feel horrible. I am not getting my periods too. Doctors said its due to stress.

    Can you plz help me how to decrese my appetite and be active. I sleep 7 hours but no use. I am 25.

    My email id: dpent2@uis.edu

  27. CLICK BELOW to view your solution....


    In-order to consume space.

  28. Manthena Satyanarayana raju

  29. Hello Sir,
    I am having anexity, panic disorder and seziure . for this I am taking medicines for past 4 years. Now I ok with 70% improvement. I want to take your treatment to come out of this fully. Can you please tell me how to join your treatment and guide me.Thank you.

  30. anexity, panic disorder and seizure solution


    VIEW YOUR POST.. Be helpful...!!!

  31. hello, i fell down with force on my buttocks and that is causing terrible pain in the tail bone as the force directly acted upon the bone portion... kindly suggest me a hydrotherapy or any natural treatment that can relieve the pain.

  32. Hi this is my email id
    i am a working woman and i need to sit for hours during the course of my job.Hence kindly suggest me with a solution that can relieve my pain. Thank you.

  33. Hi, my husband is 5'11" and his weight varies between 75-80. He is highly embarrassed with his chest that appears to be huge may be due to fat deposition kindly suggest a remedy to reduce the same.Thank you.
    email id- ramachandra.gvv@gmail.com

  34. hi
    my mother get heart attack 1st time,due to late admission in hospital heart is damaged severely ...............is any possibility to heal it naturally without operation

  35. hi
    my mother get heart attack 1st time,due to late admission in hospital heart is damaged severely ...............is any possibility to heal it naturally without operation
    kuumaari@yahoo.com,this is my maild ,plz do answer as early as possible

  36. @Mrs Padhma...

    Tailbone pain Solving tips



  37. @ramachandra.gvv@gmail.com

    CLICK HERE for your answer

    All the best...

  38. @kuumaari(kuumaari@yahoo.com)

    CLICK HERE for your answer
    read completely for your answer. Also applicable to your condition.
    All the best...

  39. Dear Sir, Im recently diagnosed with BP 150/90 my age is 28 years only. I work as software engineer.Im worried to take english medicines. Can you please guide me how to keep my BP in control with out any medicines.

  40. I have been suffering for eosinophilia & sinusitis for the last two years.How can i get rid of this problem

  41. @Anonymous for blood pressure:
    For your problem's solution

    Click Here

    comment for more details.

  42. @ Abhinava
    For your problem's solution
    Click Here
    comment for more details.

  43. I want to reduce my tummy.. Its Hereditary. Kindly give me a solution...

  44. Kindly check these tow links
    reduce weight in belly, reduce weight in thigs

    Please comment for more info... thankyou.......... all the best

  45. Sir,
    Iam suffering from scalp psoriasis. my scalp is clean for 15 days in month and rest 15 days i have white flakes (Drandruff like) on my head.

    Kindly suggest me some solution for my problem and diet to be followed

  46. I have high levels of Serum Uric Acid. How can i reduce it?

  47. hi sir,
    My son is 3yrs old and going to school,he is frequently effected by cold and cough along with fever which is very severe which is very bothering to us and getting weak
    please suggest any remedy .
    thank you pavani

  48. hello sir,
    I have been suffering with dandruff for about a decade now. I tried all remedies and nothing seems to work. can you please suggest any solution?

  49. Follow below link
    Dandruff Solution - Please comment for more queries.

  50. My nephews are having bed wetting problems. one boy is 15 years old is wetting bed during night times about 3 times. He used to get fits when he gets high fever.He is a Mild boy and slow learner in academic skill, poor attention . Can you suggest remedies to control Fits and bedwetting. Also need suggestions to improve attention and intelligence.Pl give your answer to sr_g88@yahoo.com

  51. adpsrinu@gmail.com said...


    i am going for the night shifts starting from Sep 01 2011 for the next one year. my shift starts from 10pm - 7am in the morning.

    From other sites i found few suggestions. Main focus areas would be as follows:
    1. food - complete natural food
    2. exercise/yoga
    3. sleep

    I came to your site through google and Could you please advice on each on the areas in detail if possible.

    i learned alot from your site and would appreciate for your selfless contribution towards people health.

    thanks & regards,

  52. @srinu

    Very simple sir and this is not a problem
    just invert timings to +12 hours. I.e., morning to evening and evening to morning.

    I think I am not getting your problem right...
    Please comment if your problem is different.

    all the best...

    Thanks for ur appreciation sir please suppport me sir
    thank-you sir.....
    September 2, 2011 7:18 PM

  53. hello sir,
    This is sriram.I am suffering from ibs problem. frequently diarrhea is attacking and feeling nervous, getting week and lost 4-5kgs weight.Cant do works properly.
    pls suggest me a good diet to overcome this problem. mention the items in telugu.

  54. In the year December, 2009. I got severe stomach ache and lot of acidity. I got endoscopy and report came that I have an 1.5 cm ulcer in the antrum and with severe gastritis. I was given 14 days H-Pylori infection course and from that moment on wards I am daily taking PPIs/antacid medicines regularly. The pain stays all through the day. Almost for 2 years, I am facing the same problem. Please help me. Doctors are saying that I have to take medicines daily. I am only 32 years old. Can I completely remove that infection and get complete cure.

  55. i am suffering with overweight problem.. especially how to reduce fat in chest area..is there any exercises or Ayurveda medicine plz post to my mail

  56. Hi sir... iam madhumitha, age 20. i have unwanted hair on my whole body. am feeling very shy and my parents are in thoughts of my marraiage.please understand my pain.and i hope u will give u a best suggestion for me... please sir.. help me

  57. hi sir,
    i am a male of 20 yrs, i have pain in my left testicle it is little bit swollen.it hurts me when i press it or any thing hits it. i have the pain since 6 yrs. please help me.

  58. hi sir

    mujhe gastric aour pet dard ka problem hain qareeb 5years maine bahut treatment karaya per thik hi nahi hota hain continue painhota hain aour gass banta hain pls sir app is ka ko solution batain hamein

  59. @Anonymous... September 25, 2011 5:28 PM

    Un-wanted hair problem's solution. Click here 

    @ reddy...

    Consult doctor in severe cases. Practice meditation and give more rest to your body. View Increase immunity.

    Anonymous said... October 4, 2011 2:29 PM

    Gastric Trouble: Click Here

  60. Hello sir,

    My friend suffered with back pain with the disc herniation and already met with surgery 2 years before. Till april 2011 she was fine with no problems and now again started back pain and doctor told its a disc bulge for other disc. Now she is under complete bed rest. she met many doctors to get cure of this problem but still she is suffering with the back pain sometimes leg pain too. i have suggested to maintain diet by taking honey+water+lemon regularly(every 30 minutes half glass) for atleast 3 days and in the evening fruits but i'm not sure whether it is okay or not..please guide me to reduce disc bulge with an effective solution and i would be very thankful for your response in advance

    my email id: rohit2343@yahoo.co.in

    Please provide the solution ASAP

    Thank You,

  61. Sir I am suffering from Gastric problem.Always the day I had have Non-Veg and spicy foods. Genrally problem starts in night. I am suffering from pain in the upper part of my stomach or . some times it carried out whole night.Please suggest me any solution. Please provide solution to my mail id : debjyoti6@gmail.com

  62. @Anonymous... October 10, 2011 1:10 PM

    Gastric problem
    Click Here

  63. My height is 5'2" and i want to increase my height by 2 inches atleast..I am 19 years old and will turn 20 by next january.can u suggest me the diet i have to take daily.My parents insist me to practice breathing exercises rather than doing asanas.which way it will help me to grow tall??

  64. hello sir,
    naa peru nandu nenu chala rojulu nunchi weight peragalanukuntunanu meru cheppi nattu peanuts kobbari thintunanu kani naku digestion problem vundi please naku yedhaina healthy diet cheppandi breakfast to lunch naa height 5.11 kani nenu 65kg mathrame vunnanu
    thank u sir,

  65. My daughter is pregnant running 4th month. She is under care of gynecologist. She is having piles problem and bleeding blood every time during the motions. Doctor has given some medicines but bleeding is not under control. I wanted to give milk with lime juice in the morning which may cure piles. Please advise me whether she can have milk with lime juice during the pregnancy or you will advice some other medicines.

  66. Swami when i wake up morn i get motion after sometime i am getting again . if not go for second time a type of burning in stomach.....Please help me

  67. @Anonymous: Click Here for piles problem of yours... Comment  either at one place... I will answer you. Thank-you

  68. @ram...

    Click Here for your solution. Comment at one place.. I'll answer you. Need not comment same at several places...


  69. hi sir
    Doing Great to society ............

  70. hi sir ,i have a query about diet for baby boy of 8 months old what food should i feed him? please let me know ..my email id is sravanthi_m @ymail.com

  71. Hi sir ,my name is naseera iam 21old 70kg & iam folling your diet & yogasana to reduce my weight for stomach & back at the same time iam trying for a baby also. so in this time can i do the yogasana its ok or i should stop this to became pregnant! please let me know...my email ID is naseerabegum15@gmail.com
    Thank u.

  72. @ 2 anonymous.... - sravanthi_m@ymail.com, naseerabegum15@gmail.com - nov 16th

    Click Here for your answers regarding baby food and doing yoga.

    all the best.

  73. Dear Sir, I am Spoorthi, please help me to come out of hair problem. My hair is dry & Silky from last 2 years i am facing this problem.

  74. Is there any cure for pulmonary fibrosis

  75. My father has liver ciroshis with hepetatis b .. is there any treatment available

  76. Namaskaar, I am Maheshwar from Warangal. My age 36, height 5'6'' weight 90 Kgs. i wish to undergo one month residential camp for weight loss. i learnt that Dr. MSR sir is monitoring three ashrams - at Guntur, Vijayawada and Nizamabad. I want to get 100% result in 25 days to reduce atleast 15 to 20 Kgs. Plz suggest me to select any one of the ashrams which has modest facilities. also kindly let me know the daily schedule of the ashram.

  77. namaste raju garu,

    I am suffering from Genital Herpes(sarpi) Problem from past 6 months. This is caused by HERPES SIMPLEX VIRUS(HSV TYPE-2). In so many blogs i have seen that it spreads by doing sex. but i got this without doing sex and as a lady i am afraid to go and consult a doctor. Please provide a permanent solution to this. like me so many were suffering and they were in disappointment as there is no permanent medicine for this disease. How could i marry and give a birth to baby when i am having this Genital herpes problem. this is very painful and re-occuring problem. please help me its very urgent.

  78. Hi,

    I have a Acid reflux issue, then i went to endoscopy they found out that i have lower esophogus relax that causes the food coming back to throat...Can i have solution for this?

  79. Greetings Raju Sir, and Pet Lover... hats off and thanks a ton for your tremendous service....

    I've couple of questions for you sir. We have been following Dr.Raju garu's healhty food schedule. My husband was diagnosed with Diabetes type 2 recently. Can my husband drink wheat grass juice? since i am little concern about that as he has diabetes. and also second question he has dental cavity problem, so he is feeling difficulty chewing sprouts, can he have them grind and drink? please let me know... thank you once again.....

  80. This comment has been removed by the author.

  81. Hi
    I am great full to get your suggestions till now which are in your books, can you please suggest me, few imp diets and Excellencies for Thyroid in neck


  82. @KRP Click Here for liver cirrhosis with hepetatis b tips


  83. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  84. Raaju sir, I thank you very much for all the invaluable advices you gave so far. I am very grateful to you for all this. My wife has Hypo-thyroid problem. Please suggest any natural way.


    click here for your answer


  85. First thing I am not manthena satyanarayana raju sir and I am a follower of manthena satyanarayana raju sir.
    I am Siripurapu PrudhviRaj.

  86.  @Ishu

    Click Here for your answer for diabetics-type 2 problem for your husband in that post at the end. Search for your question.

    All the Best.

  87. @maheshwar

    I am not manthena sir and for more information about ashramams check maa tv mee aarogyam mee chetullo program and at the ending of program they will provide the contacts of ahramam and those detaails.

    all the best.

  88. @Anonymous...

    Click Here for Genital Herpes(sarpi) solving tips and care.